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Ganpati or Ganapati is another name of Lord Ganesh which means Lord of People and Lord of Ganas. Lord Ganpati is the eldest son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is known for his Calmness, intellect and wisdom. Ganpati is known as Vighnaharta. So, when you worship Ganpati Ji with complete faith, he guides you towards the right path. Ganpati followers who want to see the Lord of Ganas on their Phone’s Backgrounds can download the Ganpati Wallpaper HD Full Size for Mobile from this page.

ganpati photo wallpaper hd
ganpati photo wallpaper hd

Ganpati Bappa Photo HD Wallpaper

Why is Ganesha known as Ganpati Bappa? One day when Lord Shiva was away meditating in the forest, Goddess Parvati went into her bathing chamber and she didn’t want to be disturbed during her bath. She told the young boy to guard the door and to not let anyone in the bathing chamber until she finished her bath.

After some time Mahadev had come out of his meditation and he wanted to go inside the bathing chamber. The strange boy stopped him from going inside. Lord Shiva told him that he is the husband of Parvati but the boy did not listen. Bhagwan Shiv decapitated Ganesha’s head in anger.

Parvati’s eyes widened in pain and anguish when she saw the headless body of her son. She said to Shiva that she needs her son back otherwise she will destroy the universe. Then Shiva sent his dutas out with orders to bring back the head of the first creature that is lying with its head facing North direction. They soon returned with the head of a strong and powerful elephant Gajasura. Lord Brahma placed the elephant head onto the boy’s body. Breathing new life into him, he was declared as Gajanana and gave him the status of being foremost among the other gods, and leader of all the ganas, Ganapati.

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Ganpati Wallpaper – Cute Ganpati Wallpaper

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