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Mahabali Hanuman, the son of Vanar Raj Kesari Nandan and Anjani is known by various names. One of the most popular names among the other names is Bajrangbali. The name Bajrangbali is a combination of two words – Bajrang and Bali. The word Bajrang means Kesari and Bali means powerful. In this post you will get to know about the secret behind the name of बजरंगबली and also get the awesome Bajrangbali HD Wallpaper Free Download on this single page. So keep scrolling to know more about Bajrangbali and for Bajrangbali photo Full HD Download.

bajrangbali photo full hd download
bajrangbali photo full hd download

Bajrangbali HD Wallpaper 1080p Download – Bajrangbali iPhone Wallpaper

Why is Mahabali Hanuman ji called Bajrangbali? The belief behind this name is that the Lord Hanuman ji is very powerful. Hanuman’s body is like Vraj that is why people call him Bajragbali.

His body was hard and strong like iron. Being the most powerful, an apt word, “Bali” got associated with it and became Bajrang Bali. The word Bali refers to the divine strength of Lord Hanuman who is unbeatable and the one who protects the humanity. Mahabali Hanuman is consider as an ocean of mercy (दया) & knowledge and master of the divine wisdom.

Tuesday is special day of Bajrangbali. So followers of Bajrangbali ji perform special worship on this day. Bajrangbal Bhakt keeps fast on this day. People believe that keeping a picture of Bajrangbali Wallpaper wards off evil energy and helps in getting Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings. You can use Bajrangbali iPhone Wallpaper to feel closer to Bajrangbali. We also provide Bajrangbali HD Wallpaper 1080p Download. So get the Bajrangbali HD Wallpaper in your phone by just clicking on the “Download’ button. Download our latest and unique collection of बजरंगबली वॉलपेपर एचडी and feel free to use anywhere you want to use.

Bajrangbali Photo Full HD

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