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Lord Shiva is often referred as “Bholenath”- The one who is easily pleased. The name Bholenath is a combination of Bhole and Nath. Bhole which means Innocent, simple, down to earth and Nath means King. Bholenath easily showers his blessings to his followers without any complex rituals. It is auspicious to put Bhole Baba Image HD on Mobile Phone. Nowadays, Full HD 1080p Bholenath Image wallpapers are the most demanded searched pictures on the internet. So check this page for perfect Bholenath Wallpaper HD 4k for Mobile.

full hd 1080p bholenath image
full hd 1080p bholenath image

Full HD 1080p Bholenath Image – Bhole Baba Photo

There is a story behind the name Bholenath. Once there was an Asura (Bhasmasura) who prayed to Bhagwan Shankar for thousands of years, and asked Shiva to grant him a boon which would make him invincible.

bholenath black wallpaper
bholenath black wallpaper

The boon was that anyone to whom he touched should be reduced to ashes. Bhasmasura after getting the boon, ran after Shankar Bhagwan, to reduce him to ashes. Shiva approached Lord Vishnu for help, who took the Avatar of a beautiful woman (Mohini), to vanquish the demon.

This story is used only to describe Lord Shiva as Bholenath. Shiv Bhagwan is supposed to be the easiest to beget boons from amongst the gods.

Therefore Mahadev is called bholenath because it’s very easy to impress him. And whatever boon they ask, Shiva gives them. That’s why he is Bholenath. You can also look at the तारकासुर example. Tarakasura did hard tapasya to impress Lord Shiva. He demanded boon from Shiva that only Shiva’s son can kill him, without thinking anything, Shiva gave him the boon.

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Bhole Baba Photo

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